I find the hardest thing in my explorations, is documentation. Every program needs its comments, every statement a source. These seem trivial in the moment when explaining a topic, but they’re incredibly helpful when returning to your work. I’ve always skipped steps to get to the end goal quicker, but as the topics increase in difficulty it is more challenging to remember the minute details.

As such I have relinquished my previous website design. What is the point in rebuilding the wheel of a CMS when so many systems are already available? Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, Dolphin, and the list goes on. There were comments in my php code, but the system was not set-up for expandability. It was a great learning opportunity when I originally built the site near six years ago, my senior year of high school! I had taught myself php, mySQL, html, and more in period of my life. When I reference code I wrote those many years ago, it becomes difficult to track my own thought processes. Perhaps this is due to my aging body, processing thoughts differently than when I was a teenager.

Fast forward several years, I’m in college, coding a binary to text and text to binary system to encode messages in the low frequency range of music (Stenography). As I review that code now (several years later again) I still have require re-reading the code to make sense of what I did. And herein lies the point. Documentation. Many of us hate to record our steps, to detail out our processes for those who may follow us. But documentation is what allows them to take our knowledge and expand upon it yet again.

So here I am, rebuilding my website to document my knowledge as I move forth throughout my personal and professional life.

Hello world!

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